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Blackpool South Beach area on the up!

As a Get Started business adviser for Blackpool Council I have seen over 1,000 businesses start trading in Blackpool. Every one of them fills me with hope for my home town.

It is always easy to pick out weaknesses in a town, and is the easy way to look at things. To see someone on long term benefits, take a chance and find that they can rekindle the thirst for life they always had.

Owning your own business is more than an income, it is about achievement for yourself. You took the risk, and you get the benefits of your endeavour.

I am based at The Enterprise Centre, in Blackpool’s South Beach area, and for a long time this area was in the doldrums. The famous market on Waterloo Road closed and it seemed everywhere was closing down, but not any more.

The market is thriving now and shops are opening all the time.

Three new openings are:


Fresh Living

Tanya’s Nail and Beauty

All three have in common ‘quality’ and ‘dreams’.

Beauticology is owned by 2 friends that met at Blackpool and the Fylde College whilst achieving top grades in Beauty Therapy. Their business is one of a number of new businesses on Bond Street.

Fresh Living is owned by Enid Musson on Hill Sreet behind The Enterprise Centre which is full of beautiful gifts, fragrances and scents. Her daughter Tanya has opened her own Nail and Beauty Salon just before Blackpool South Railway Station on Waterloo Road.

When you see such activity on your doorstep you know Blackpool is bouncing back.

Even brand names such as Subway and Pizza Hut have recently opened new units.

It is time to talk up our town. It really is moving!

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