Digital Marketing Roadshow - Blackpool

The world is changing: make sure you’re changing with it. “Businesses perform better when they do more online. Those with a strong web presence are more productive, create more jobs and are more likely to sell beyond their immediate area”

Question: Should I Attend Digital Marketing Roadshow? Is it for me?

Answer: YES – if you want more sales, more customers and more profitability

It’s for businesses like yours who want to increase their online presence but aren’t sure which way to turn and where to start.

Basically, if you’re trying to reach your customers online, we’re here to help.

We’ve enlisted the help of industry leaders from the creative, digital and media sectors (our Digital Rockstars)

Their sole purpose on the day, is to help you get more out of Social Media and email marketing to get you more customers
We will help you:

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GROW – Learn how to reach new customers and how to plan, manage and increase your online sales.

UNDERSTAND – Our Debate “The Digital Rip Off” – will show you what you need to know so that you get your moneys worth when talking to marketing agencies. Learn the questions you need to be asking.

EXPLORE – Try new technology and meet industry leaders from across the region so that you get one step ahead of your competition.
If you’re in accounting, retail, legal services, health and beauty, a butcher, a baker or even a candlestick maker…

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Join us in Blackpool on 17th March to gain the know-how you need to future-proof your business, stay secure online and have a stream of new customers who can’t wait to buy from you.

9.30am – Exhibition opens

Morning Session

10.00am - 10.30am – How to turn your Digital Marketing in to customers

10.45am – 11.15am - How to make your Email Marketing work for you.

11.30am - 12.00pm - Curate digital content like a pro

12.15pm - 12.45pm - North West Regional Organised Crime Unit - GCHQ announced that 80% of cyber-crime is easily preventable, and so here in the North Western Region we want to help realise that figure to protect our communities and businesses from becoming victim

Cyber-crime is an ever increasing threat within the UK. The cost of cyber-crime is estimated to be costing the UK economy billions of pounds per year, and the costs to individuals and businesses are often staggering.

TITAN has a dedicated Cyber Crime team that works both reactively and proactively on significant cyber-crime investigations pursuing cyber-criminals.

But the team also proactively engages with businesses and communities in supporting them protect and prepare themselves against cyber-attack.
1.30pmThe Digital DebateThe Digital Rip Off - It’s easy to see when your builder is ripping you off because you’re living in a demolition site, deadlines are missed and nothing is going as planned, but how do you know when your Web Developer or Digital Marketing agency is throwing your money down the drain?

Afternoon Session

The panel of five leading industry experts will be hosted by

Neil Simpson – Dynamic Digital Marketing - He’s the nonconformist business mentor who knows how to turn ideas into products, and how to coach creative enterprises to a dramatic increase in profits. Most of the things he says are the direct opposite of anything you’ll read in a business leadership manual.

This is a good thing.

Neil has an affinity with creative people. It comes from being one himself. An erstwhile contemporary dancer, theatre producer and filmmaker, he was coerced into a coaching programme over a decade ago and discovered his true calling,

His proudest mentoring moment to date?

In one three-year period, Neil coached over 100 clients to a £2m increase in turnover. One of thoseclients actually increased his turnover from £6,500 to £125,000 in just two years – without a single penny of outside investment. Just by doing the right things.

Lisa Edge – Lancashare - ‘My successes have come through understanding and building lasting relationships with businesses and delivering on promises. I have developed an enthusiasm for initiatives in people development, employee engagement, business growth and entrepreneurship. I have experience of working closely with employers, sector skills council’s, awarding bodies and local government agencies.’

‘Over the years, I developed strong relationships with employers across the county and a strong understanding of the challenges that Lancashire businesses face.’

Mark Preston - A well respected SEO consultant with over 15 years experience working at the highest level - SEO marketing trainer - Author on top industry sites and publications - SEO columnist in newspaper publications - Small business mentor - Judge at the prestigious BIBAs business awards - Voted as one of the top 30 digital marketing twitter handles to follow in 2017 and Voted one of the top 100 SEO experts in the world.

Danny Parker - Attain Digital Using 18 years’ industry experience, ATTAIN Managing Director Danny Parker offers a fresh and accessible perspective on how digital, design and data management can transform business performance.

Nichola Howard - Launch Events NW - Founder Nichola Howard will be joining the digital debate to share her experiences of the good, bad and the ugly of the digital marketing sector from the perspective of a small business owner. Nichola, who has managed the events company for four years, grew the company’s digital presence to more than half a million for each event with the support and expertise of trusted digital partners. Nichola will be sharing the journey she has made to get this point- and the lessons learned that she feels fellow entrepreneurs should know.

What are you waiting for?