Digital Marketing with Neil Simpson, Generate more sales!

Hardman McNeal and EKM bring you, the only digital marketing you'll need this year!

Limited tickets available that are guaranteed to sell out fast.

This is a rare opportunity to spend a full day with one of the best digital marketers in the UK; the incredible Neil Simpson

Neil will cover the topics YOU need help with, and the issues that are holding YOU back from smashing your goals on social media and beyond. Topics will include:

  • What social media should I be using?
  • How to use social media
  • How often should I post
  • What should I post
  • How to use for a retail shop
  • How to engage people into interacting
  • How to drive traffic to my media
  • How to turn traffic into sales/contacts
  • Jargon and what works
  • SEO websites
  • How to promote my website Blogging - where do I start - where do I post
  • What SHOULD I be doing B2B, is Facebook appropriate?
  • How to get the most out of LinkedIn & webpage

And MUCH much more!

Tickets are limited and offer outstanding value, including hot lunch and free parking!


He’s the non-conformist business mentor who knows how to turn ideas into products, and how to coach creative enterprises to a dramatic increase in profits.

Digital Marketer Extraordinaire, Legendary Speaker and Peerless Coach

Most of the things he says are the direct opposite of anything you’ll read in a business leadership manual.

This is a good thing.

His proudest mentoring moment to date?

In one three-year period, Neil coached over 100 clients to a £2m increase in turnover. One of those Clients actually increased his turnover from £6,500 to £125,000 in just two years – without a single penny of outside investment.

Just by doing the right things.

Based in Preston, Neil specialises in ideation, marketing and social media within businesses, assisting them to profit from their intellectual property, brand value and know how. He has worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes including British Telecom, and many universities across the North of England.

He has won a national award for film making, is a published author and public speaker about branding, social media and how to build businesses from the inside out.


“His relentless pursuit of new innovative ways to beat opposition, and his understanding of marketing is incredible. My marketing has been more successful than i ever considered it could be, managing to get attention and sales from companies such as Google and Fitness First in my first year of being in business. The other side to Neil’s unique style is not only his knowledge, but his ability to know when you need picking up, and his ability to know your personality well enough that maybe that day you do not need business advice, you need to reassess where you are. I would honestly say his coaching has been more valuable to me than any other attribute”.

Sam Marsh - CEO, Jigsaw Fitness

“Neil Simpson has a “superpower” to take you and your projects to the best next level —time and again. He is a virtuoso in detecting potential in realities other people take for granted, thus transforming lead into gold.

Neil spots your creative skills, figures out what makes up your creative DNA, selects the best proven ideas out of his astounding repertoire and applies them to grow your business.

All of my current projects are spin-offs that burst forth out of that magic nudge years ago. Neil Simpson is the tipping point in your trajectory: working with him changes your growth rate from arithmetic to exponential”.

Carlos Franco - Consultor especialista en desbloqueo creativo, Mexico City, Mexico

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