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7 Reasons Blackpool Enterprise Week is For You

You’re thinking of launching your own Blackpool business. So what next? Find the answers, and ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, at Blackpool Enterprise Week.

So what are you doing between 18-22 November? If you’re thinking about launching your own business in Blackpool, we’ve got lots of reasons to keep your diary clear for the week. Blackpool Enterprise Week (BEW) is where budding business owners find inspiration, ideas and advice.

During the week’s events, you’ll meet experts who can help take your ideas to the next step, inspirational business owners who were once were you are now, and lots of people at a similar stage to you, all looking for a little support.

You’ll find the full BEW programme here, and here are seven standout reasons to get involved:

1. Create your BEW: If there’s one thing that every Blackpool business has in common, it’s that they’re all different, with different starting points, different goals, and business owners with very different skillsets. That’s why we’ve designed BEW to be a ‘pick and mix’ of 14 different events and sessions ranging from networking to business advisor drop-ins, financial planning to digital marketing. Come to them all. Come to one. But most importantly, come to the sessions that help fill in your ‘business blanks’ – the areas where you know you need some extra insight.

2. Advice at every stage of start-up: You don’t need to have a fully formed idea and a business plan in your hand to benefit from BEW. Wherever you are on your journey, from initial ideas to ready to launch, there’s something for you.

3. Get practical: BEW is about making a practical difference. Each session is designed to give you takeaways that are easy to implement, and which can make a big difference. So whether you’ve dropped in on a financial planning workshop or the Digital Know How Session with Lloyds Bank and Google, you’ll be leaving with a to-do list full of clever ideas.

4. Find inspiration: It can be a daunting and sometimes lonely place, launching your own business. When every decision feels enormous, it helps to be able to hear from others who have gone before you and to talk with people in the same boat as you. You’ll be able to do that in any session, but we’d particularly recommend heading to the Slug & Lettuce for the Start-Up Inspirations session.

5. Launch new collaborations: If previous BEWs are anything to go by, the people you meet at lunchtime networking or during sessions could be people with whom you form rewarding and profitable collaborations for years to come. So bring your business cards, and make sure you chat to the people working in businesses that could benefit you.

6. Ask the experts, anytime: Over the past 12 years, our experts have helped more than 1,250 people launch their businesses. They know what they’re talking about, and they can help you. That doesn’t just apply to BEW either. If you can’t make any of the week’s events, give them a call any time. Why not give them a call now on 01253 477147?

7. It’s completely free!

Plan your Blackpool Enterprise Week now. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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