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7 signs you need to start your own business

Let’s be honest: creating a successful business is challenging. It takes nerve, commitment, passion and an ability to juggle 302 things at once. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, it could be the best thing you ever do. So is starting your own business the right move for you? Here are the signs that suggest not only that it’s time to take the plunge, but that you’ll likely make it a big success.

There are two types of people who spend their days thinking about launching their own business. There are the dreamers, the ones who would if they could only get around to it (and never do). And there are the doers, the ones who make it happen. So how do you know which one you are? Well…

You are your best boss

Some people need a steer. They don’t want to be decision makers – but point them in the right direction and they’ll work happily and productively for the rest of the day.

But that’s not really you. You have too many ideas. Too many questions. To many thoughts of doing things differently. There may be plenty of ways for you to express yourself in your current job, but wouldn’t you rather your ideas benefitted you rather than someone else?

If being ‘managed’ leaves you feeling constrained, perhaps it’s time you became your own manager.

Sick of excuses?

“Of course, I would start my own business but I’m on a good pension/the holiday allowance is generous/I get sick pay and I wouldn’t get that if I launched my own business.”

All of that may be true. But if you’re really serious about launching your own business, the lack of 5 weeks’ leave each year won’t stop you. If you’re ready to sacrifice the perks to spend the day doing what you love, you’re ready to launch your own business.

Less of the what, more of the why

Lots of people have a killer idea for a product or business. But every great business idea either solves an existing problem, or creates a problem you never knew existed and then solves that. Don’t let your business be a great solution in need of a problem. Know from the outset why your business is going to make a difference – because it’s the ‘why’ that sells.

If you know what that is, you’re already on your way to a successful business.

Up for the challenge

Launching a business is easy. Making a success and growing it? That’s the challenge, but with energy, commitment and hard work, you really can do it. And the best way to respond to the challenge? By being a sponge and soaking up every last bit of advice, insight and knowledge that comes your way.

If you’re hungry to know more. If you question everything and assume nothing, you’re on the right track.

Super self-starter

Here’s a challenge for you: when you get a few spare moments in your day job, do you scribble down notes and ideas for your business? How about in the evening at weekends? If your business is filling your thoughts all the time (rather than just providing a distraction from work), it’s a good sign.

Ready to launch

You feel like a rocket on the launch pad. You’re full of energy and potential and all you need to ignite it is to press the ‘go’ button. If that’s you, it’s time for lift off.

You can do this…

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You’ll meet people who may become trusted suppliers, valued customers or simply very welcome sounding boards. And you’ll take another step closer to launching your business.

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