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Blackpool Enterprise Week – What’s In It For You?

Get Started expert adviser Kriss Wilson explores what you should expect to get out of Blackpool Enterprise Week.

Blackpool Enterprise Week (BEW) is back, and it’s bigger than ever. With 11 workshops and events taking place between 18-22 November (not including a bundle of lunchtime networking sessions), there’s something for every start-up, from digital marketing to managing tax, business advice to idea development sessions.

But if you’re thinking of launching a business in Blackpool, what difference could BEW make to you? Well…

1. Gain confidence

Launching any business is a leap of faith, but when you’ve never done it before it’s easy to find doubts and worry shouting down your optimism. For some, that can be enough to ensure their idea never sees the light of day.

That’s one of the most important elements of BEW. Every business owner needs someone to share ideas with. Someone who can make a plan better, who can make a rewarding introduction, or who can allay fears and reassure you that you’re on the right track.

Talking to our business advisers isn’t about getting a pat on the back (although they’ll often do that too); it’s about gaining the advice that helps grow your business confidence, and having someone by your side to help keep things on track.

2. Take action

We’ve all left ‘inspirational business sessions’ where you feel motivated, but in terms of practical application, there’s not much you can actually do.

BEW isn’t like that. In fact, we believe you’ll leave virtually every session with a notepad bursting with things you’ll want to follow up. Here are just some of the things you’ll be able to take away from the week’s sessions:

  • How to set a survival budget
  • How to invoice
  • How to manage credit control
  • Understanding why customers buy
  • Working on cash flow
  • Managing cyber security
  • Building an online presence

You can find lots more here

3. Gain valuable knowledge

If you’re setting up a business for the first time there will be hundreds of things you don’t know you don’t know. That’s ok – it really is the same for everyone, and if you’ve never paid staff wages, completed a self-assessment tax return or pitched to a client for business, it’s completely natural to feel as though you’re taking one great leap into the unknown.

Once you have a little clear, simple information, however, things start to look a lot less daunting.

4. See a different path

Hearing the stories of people in the same boat as you – or just a little further down the line – is always good.

It’s not just that it can be inspiring, encouraging or confidence building (although it can be all of those things). When the success of your business is down to you and you alone, it’s very easy to put your head
down and see just the one route ahead, without ever taking time to consider the possible alternatives that might help you reach your goals quicker or more easily.

Joining our Start-Up Inspirations session can give you lots of inspiration and challenge some of your thinking. So get engaged. Ask questions. And listen at least as much as you talk. You might just discover a whole range of possibilities – from funding and support to collaborators and suppliers - you never knew existed.

5. Make it personal

Perhaps the greatest benefit of BEW is that this isn’t you in a room of hundreds, hearing great advice but never quite knowing how to apply it to your own situation. No session is so crammed that you won’t be able to ask questions about your own experience. No adviser or presenter is so busy that they won’t have time to answer your questions. And with many sessions 1-2-1, there are lots of opportunities to make BEW personal.

Drop in

You’ll find me and our team of advisers on hand throughout the week. Although many of our sessions require prior booking, many do not and you can always drop in on the spur of the moment and we’ll do our best to slot you into the sessions that most interest you.

To book in advance, find the full BEW schedule here

And if you can’t make any of the week’s events but would welcome some help and support, just get in touch online, call us on 01253 477147, or drop in and see us at the Enterprise Centre on
Lytham Road.