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Get expert help with Blackpool Unlimited

Getting a business off the ground is a big deal.

There’s a lot to think about – and you might only have an idea in your head at the moment.

As we head into spring the theme of growth starts to appear all around us and helping make your idea grow into something special is something we love doing at Blackpool Unlimited.

Following a successful start to the year with our New Year, New Start workshops throughout January we now have a number of new activities with one aim in mind.

To make your business grow.

Whether it’s finding office space for your enterprise, hiring out our meeting rooms, hot-desking or popping in for some expert help, BU is there for you.

And there’s also a number of new events for start-up and growing business where we have collaborated with business leaders who have years of experience under their belts.

Included in the events is a must-attend seminar on the pending GDPR implementation which happens in May and affects all companies – large or small – across the UK.

Our experts are also in-house to speak about financial matters for your business, networking advice, building a road-map to success and debt.

For all our forthcoming events, click here