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How to Heat up your Summer Marketing Strategy

The season is changing and with summer just around the corner you might want to start thinking about your marketing strategy to ensure that you stay hot this summer

We’ve come up with 5 key marketing tips to help you turn-up the heat.

1. Heat up demand with summer promotions

Businesses can and should use a promotion or discount to drive sales throughout the summer months. Even if your business operates within an industry that would normally benefit, such as an air-conditioning supplier. By using a summer promotion, you can increase your brand engagement and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Consider using discount codes or applying a discount to your product/service, you can also consider FREE delivery as an option? Buy more - save more or giveaways and freebies to sweeten the deal.

2. Incorporate more visuals and video content into your summer campaigns

If you haven’t already heard, video content is extremely popular at present, favoured by audiences worldwide and as a result you’ll find it ranks more favourably across social media.

By incorporating more visual based content into your marketing efforts, you’re be sure to see a rise in your audience’s engagement, this could lead to greater brand awareness and to new sales or enquiries.

The types of visual content to include depends on what your product/services is and what your audience prefers. However, you might want to consider video tutorials, customer testimonials, gifs, brand videos, event videos and company culture videos.

Incorporating live video into your summer marketing strategy is highly recommended.

3. Try new ideas on social to boost your engagement

You should always be thinking of new ways to engage with your audience especially if you know it’s quieter over the summer months. Be sure not to abandon them, but think of new ways to engage with them instead of via direct selling.

By continuing to engage with your customers it will show you are thinking about them, which will gain you trust and loyalty in the long run.

This can be achieved by introducing online competitions whereby you ask your audience to submit content by sharing images or commenting on your post is considered popular.

You can use #hashtags if you haven’t already, there a great way for your customers to search for content. This summer why not think of a quirky #hashtag to get you noticed.

Lastly why not consider using a Poll? Ask your audience to answer a summer related question to really get your audience engaging and be sure to respond.

4. Participate in community events

During the summer months your audience will no doubt be off enjoying the great British summertime. Family-orientated events often held within the community will appear in abundance and are extremely popular and attend by all types of individuals. It would be wise to consider attending these events to build a relationship with your audience. By using this as an opportunity to attract and retain quality clients this will allow you to establish a personal connection.

These types of events include summer gala’s, weekend food and antique markets that host local vendors. Or consider larger scale outdoor festivals and events, from Air Shows, Country Shows, Music concerts and much more. All providing the perfect opportunity to reach out to your audience.

5. Get Autumn ready

If summer is quieter for you, it’s the perfect time to plan for the months ahead. If not, you should still be looking towards Autumn and planning ahead.

Use the summer months to network with new prospects and clients. By attending these opportunities, you can make the most of increasing your brand awareness. If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, it’s also a great time to create a buzz and gain feedback from your audience/peers.

If you’ve not already started with your summer marketing efforts, we suggest that you get started straight away. By adopting these tips into your summer marketing strategy, your business can build on relationships with audiences and profit from continued success and growth.

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