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Launching a business is a lot like planning a holiday

Getting started in business is a lot like planning a summer getaway. It always helps to have a knowledgeable guide to point the way.
In 2002, Raoul Christian and Emma Nunn booked the holiday of a lifetime to Sydney. Packing for a warm Australian springtime, they boarded the plane ready for a lengthy flight, so they were a little surprised when, six hours later, they touched down – in Sydney, Nova Scotia. “Obviously, it was a big disappointment,” Ms Nunn conceded.

It’s a story that got us thinking. Launching a business is rather a lot like planning a holiday, if you want to get to where you want to go, it helps to have a bit of expert advice on hand. So if you’re thinking of launching your own business in Blackpool, think of Get Started as your business equivalent of a travel agent.

Planning the journey

Every holiday starts the same way, with a conversation about where you want to go. It’s an important conversation – is it family entertainment, a city break or a deserted beach you’re after? Unless you know where you want to go, then getting to your ideal location is just pot-luck and you’ll have as much chance of ending up in Rochdale as Rhodes.

A travel agent can help you pinpoint the right location for you and then helps piece together the right journey for the destination, so you don’t head in the wrong direction.

Business is much the same. Start out in the right direction, with the right goal in mind, and you get to your destination faster, and save huge amounts of time and money by not taking the long (or wrong) route. At Get Started, our business advisers have helped more than 1,250 businesses set the right course over the past decade.

Packing the essentials

Whatever holiday destination you book, there’ll be a lot of planning to sort. Do you need visas? Vaccinations? Will your mobile data still work? What are the local laws - and did you pack the phrasebook?

A guide can help you with all of those, and it’s the same in business. Setting up a company for the first time introduces you to a whole new world of tasks and terms may never have had to deal with before. So if accounts, tax, marketing and the law make your head spin - and if you need support with everything from employment law to social media to insurance – Get Started’s start-up toolkit, its events and advisers can help.

Creating a better experience

You can’t beat finding a restaurant that no one else knows about, or a secluded spot to catch the sun that no-one else seems to have discovered. A great travel guide knows those spots and knows how to get there. Sometimes they’ll even give you handy tips to get more out the experience, because they’ve been there and done it.

It’s the same with Blackpool Unlimited’s Get Started team. Our advisers know the local business landscape. Because they’ve been part of – or launched – successful businesses themselves, they know the pitfalls and the things to avoid. And they know the tips, hacks and things to consider that will help your business grow.

Let us help you find your perfect destination – and help you start the journey. To explore your business ideas, talk to Get Started.