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Life beyond benefits

Have you thought about the new enterprise allowance? Look at Get Started, Blackpool.

Ok, life is tough, I get it! You have tried and tried to get a job, with no luck. 
 You are made to feel worthless, where you once felt valued. 
 You’re stuck in a downward spiral. 
 Benefits are just keeping you alive, just!
There has to be more than this, we are human beings.

You did not go to school thinking “One day I might aspire to be spending my day in bed, bored and penniless.” £71 a week job seekers, and queue for food at the food handout place! What would it take to earn £71if you went self employed?
 A tradesman will command anything from £80 - £150 per day. £80 is the low end.
 This does not necessarily mean you need to be a time served tradesman; You could be simply an odd job man, ground work, cleaner and a myriad of every day household chores type functions.

So just over half a days work will give you back your life. You only pay tax once your business achieves a PROFIT over £9,440.So £180 per week costs you no taxes, and 7,755 is the threshold for national insurance, before you pay NI. You are taxed on profit not turnover. So £180 per week approximate profit before you pay any tax; Income tax is on profit not turnover.

Yes a risk, but are you really saying you can find no-one you can do a couple of days odd jobs for? You cannot buy and sell a couple of hundred pounds goods on eBay? Car boot? 
It needs thought, and bravery! 
Surprise yourself. You can now apply for an New Enterprise Allowance loan of £2,500! Plus 13 weeks at £65 allowance, followed by another 13 weeks at £33. Speak to your job centre adviser.
And you have a future.

Contact us at Get Started , FYC, Blackpool, FY13PS, 01253 477147. Ask what we can do to help you get started. We are here to help you.

by Geoff Reeves - getstartedblackpool