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Start up Loans are now for all

Want to start your own business? live in Blackpool? Please read on.

2014 and unemployed or just in a rut. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

No lengthy rant today, just common sense.By thinking of a business idea, something you are good at or just something you have always dreamed of doing, now you can access a start up loan to make this dream a reality.

Take a look at what the loan entails and if you live in Blackpool, and you think this is you, get in touch.

We will help you GET STARTED, by training you, giving you all the help and advice you may need to set up your own business. 121 support as standard. ALL FREE, no strings attached whatsoever.

The loan is designed to be user friendly. In year 1 you can take a capital holiday and pay approximately, £12 per month for every £2500 borrowed.

You need a plan, a set of financials and a reasonable credit rating. It really is that simple.

In Blackpool we supported 100 people to GET STARTED in 2013, with many more on the route to owning their own business. No business idea is too small. From ebay to photographer; from Designer to painter etc.

Call us on 01253 477147 and GET STARTED.

by Geoff Reeves - getstartedblackpool