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Top 50 Tips when starting a business, no bull, just as it is!

The Best 50 tips when starting your own business.

1. No Customer Benefit, No Sale

2. Audience before product

3. Market before sale

4.Profit before sale

5. Bottom line before top line margin

6. Never take first quote when purchasing

7. Treat every penny spent as your own private monies

8. Would you buy it at that price

9. Volume at low margin might sound good, but do you want to work hard or smart

10. If you use equipment that wears out with use, always factor in replacement cost in your bottom line predictions

11. Time costs money, better on a beach, than work for nothing

12. Adapt; never stand still, today becomes yesterday, tomorrow.

13. It’s nice to be liked but it does not pay the rent

14. Surround yourself with happy people, morgues are for dead people

15. Route one tactics are easier to understand, 1 clear message is better than several

16. Always be prepared to do what you ask others to do, tomorrow you may need to fulfill that role to survive

17. If it does not make you money do not buy it. If you need a works van for carrying lumber and tools, do not buy a £30,000 luxury one, buy yourself a Porsche and enjoy that once you have made your money.

18. If you can work from home rather than an office, do.

19. Listen to advice but make your own decisions

20. You cannot make money if you do not take risks

21. Get more decisions right than wrong

22. You are in business to make money, no favours and no hangers on allowed

23. Be lucky, and make your own luck

24. Smile, people can get scowls at home

25. Anyone can give things away; good businesses get the money the product demands.

26. Journalists have blank copy to fill, make their life easy give them something to write about

27. Journalists like success stories, give them 1 regularly

28. Flat sales structures ensure fewer conflicts, and message does not get diluted

29. Vision must be shared and embraced by all employees

30. Life will not run smooth, always have a fall back position

31. Pay people generously for success

32. Never underfund

33. Set daily targets and more importantly review them

34. Shout about success

35. Meetings for the sake of it are DE motivational and a waste of time

36. Start the day with 30 minutes thinking of tomorrow

37. Clear motivational tasks for all, make happy staff

38. Take people with you do not make them follow you

39. If someone has it already, they have done the hard work, now take it from them

40. Having a bad day? Meet up with someone who has bought from you and likes what they bought, draw a line and move on to the next target

41. You will not win them all

42. Not everyone will like you, get used to it

43. Winners are never lonely

44. Excellent Customer service guarantees word of mouth new business

45. Praise costs nothing but brings riches

46. People love what your product does for them not you or your company

47. Trust no-one but you with your brand

48. Keep hold of the purse strings

49. Do not communicate by e mail, face to face regularly shows you are human and approachable

50. Always have an open door policy

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by Geoff Reeves - getstartedblackpool