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Why do all the best business ideas happen when you’re away from work?

It’s one of the simple facts of life, sit at your desk, staring at a screen willing the clever ideas to come and chances are they never will. Do something else entirely and suddenly every idea that pops in your head is gold.

Why do our best ideas happen in the shower, in bed or particularly relevant with summer in full swing, by the pool, when you have a cool drink in your hand and a good book diverting your attention?

Turning ideas into action

When you return home with a suitcase full of great business ideas as well as flip-flops and sangria, you’ll want to do something with them – and that’s where Get Started can help.

Get Started is dedicated to helping people turn bright ideas into viable businesses. So you bring the post-holiday inspiration; we’ll provide all of this, for free as part of the Get Started Toolkit

What to think about before starting your business: You’ve had the nugget of a brilliant idea. We’ll help you look at your idea from every angle to ensure it’s a goer

Researching your idea: What are your competitors doing? What do your customers want? We’ll help you refine your idea to create a business that can really compete

Rules and regulations: It’s a brilliant idea, but it needs to comply with the law too. We’ll help you make sure it – and the wider business – does.

Inspiration and pitfalls: Hearing from people who are just a little further down the road in running their business can be hugely encouraging. It can help you avoid a few booby traps too. We’ll tell you their experiences Handy templates: From proper business planning to marketing, our templates will give your idea the best chance of success

Funding: There’s financial help to get your idea off the ground – if you know where to look, we’ll help you find it. Don’t let your brilliant business idea become a brief holiday fling. Unpack all of its potential when you get home and talk to Get Started. To book an appointment call 01253 477147