Webinar - The LinkedIn Lockdown Summit - Enterprise Nation

A half-day virtual summit dedicated to helping you get the most from LinkedIn.

The sessions is now available to replay for up to 30 days so there is really no excuse not to sign up.

I’ll be tackling the 2 P’s - Profile (optimisation) and Participation (home feed, messenger and groups).

I will be sharing my personal experience, tips, advice and guidance to help you smash your visibility and LinkedIn goals out of the park. If you’re an entrepreneur, marketing professional, agency owner, career professional or consultant, The LinkedIn Lockdown Summit is created just for YOU. There has never been a better time to get LinkedIn working for you.

No more lurking or hiding in the shadows. Time to connect with finesse to achieve success.


- How to define their personal brand on LinkedIn

- How to use the LinkedIn home feed

- How to use LinkedIn group

- How to use LinkedIn messenger

- How to best use LinkedIn in an authentic and sustainable way

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