Blackpool Council and Town Centre BID reinforce “wear a mask” rule change

Blackpool Council has joined forces with the Town Centre BID company to help remind shoppers that they must wear face masks from this Friday, July 24.

The Government announced earlier this month that people entering shops in England will be required by law to wear face coverings. A similar rule has been in place on public transport since June.

From Friday, anyone who refuses to wear a face covering - such as a cloth mask, scarf or bandana – over the nose and mouth risks a fine of up to £100.

Now Blackpool Council and the BID have produced window stickers bearing the slogan “Don’t Make Us Ask, Wear A Mask” to encourage shoppers to abide by the law.

Cllr Mark Smith, Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise & Job Creation on Blackpool Council said: “We have produced the window stickers to distribute to retailers across the town so that there is a strong and consistent message.

“As the economy starts to open up again, it is vital that everyone respects the rules around social distancing and wearing face coverings in our shops and stores

“We urge people to abide by the new regulation to help prevent the further spread of the virus.”

Michael Williams, chair of the Town Centre BID board, added: “The stickers are being given out free to retail businesses and we hope as many as possible will display them.

“They send out a very clear message that the onus is on individuals to ensure they are wearing an appropriate face covering when they go into a shop, otherwise they risk being refused entry and also a fine.”

The Government guidance states that it is not compulsory for shop or supermarket staff to wear face coverings, though employers are advised to recommend their use where appropriate.

There are also exemptions on some shoppers wearing face masks such as children aged under 11 and others for illness, disability or equality reasons.

The full Government guidance can be found here: