Start in Blackpool Video Brief

Start in Blackpool is a careers platform for Blackpool secondary students to understand the local labour market and career opportunities available to them.

With school closures, it’s more pertinent than ever to inspire and motivate young people to what opportunities are out there, especially those Year 11 and Year 13 students who have worked hard for the exams that they never got to take.

The Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network are making an appeal for short selfie-style videos to populate the platform and would be extremely grateful if you could make a short video on any of the following for a target audience aged between 15 – 18:

• A day in the life of…. A brief overview about what a typical day might entail if you are an Accountant, Quantity Surveyor, Coder etc.

What does your job involve, what subjects link to what you do now?

• Your career journey … What did you do to become an Accountant, Quantity Surveyor, Coder etc?

What did you study, what was your first job, skills you have taken from role to role and new skills learned along the way, what further aspirations you may have?

• Interview advice – preparing for an interview, how to answer skills questions, how to research a company ahead of an interview, what should you wear?

• Entrepreneurial advice - How did you set up your own business, what top five tips can you give to someone who wants to set up on their own, what’s the best piece of advice you would give to someone starting out

• Resilience messages – mental health during the Covid-19 crisis, how to stay positive during times of uncertainty, what health and wellbeing support there is in the workplace…

Video length and style

Videos do not need to have a professional finish to them and if editing is required, Start Blackpool can help with this, however a few things to bear in mind:

• In the first instance please introduce your name, role and organisation. For example, “Hi I am Laura James, I am an administrator for Business in the Community for the Blackpool Pride of Place project”

• Keep the message short and succinct, think about the key points you want to get across and no more than 3 minutes long

• Consider your surroundings, background, noise, lighting – here’s a couple of links that contain a few tips: and

• You can view more tips and examples of other videos here:

Uploading your video

Happy with your video? You can now do one of two things, whichever is simplest for you to do:

• Upload it direct to the Start Blackpool Platform via this link:

• Or if you’d prefer, you can the file to and I will forward on the video on your behalf

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

This really will be a fantastic resource for young people across the Fylde Coast