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Accurate Investigation and Get Started

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When I was asked to write about how Get Started helped with my business it was easy. They open my eyes to how to get a business started and showed me what steps I needed to take to start and built my business up.

Well I will start at the beginning and tell you from my view about how they helped me and how Geoff still is helping. It started when I was opening a bank account for my business and the advisor suggested to me to go to FYCreatives and ask about Blackpool Start up as it would help me with the early step of getting my business started.

So I took the step and went into FYCreatives and asked about Get Stared. They took my name and abit of information about my business and passed my details on, to be put forward for one of the Get Stared courses, which I got an email confirming that I got a place on one of the courses. If you want to know how I felt, I felt that this would give me a start to see what business is all about and give me the information I needed. My head was also spinning thinking about all the information I would need to do this.

I was like one of the people in the picture I took on Church Street, window shopping and not knowing what I was shopping for. I had lots of ideas but didn’t know how to focus them. That all changed when I went on the Get Stared course, they told me the steps to take and what I need to do. After the course Geoff took all the details of the people who was on the course for a one to one to help you focus on your own business. I had decided at that point I was going to do a surveillance company, which I started.

A week after the course Geoff did a follow up on how I was getting on with the information, which I was given on the course. I told him how I had registered with companies’ house and started RT Surveillance Ltd and that I was going on a surveillance course in London to get some qualifications. Geoff asked me what else I had done and suggested things I need to do to promote my business as I had just set up my first website. He suggested doing a blog and join linked in, this was to get people on the net directed to my website by put things in my blog and on linked in. Geoff also helped me with my business plan and how it helps with getting funding if you need it from either a bank or other ways like the princes trust. Geoff did not leave a stone unturned to help me at this early stage.

My head was still spinning at this stage as it is daunting, as I did not think I could do this. The second meeting I had with Geoff put my mind at rest and he pointed out what skills I had and how motivated I was and how I talked about RT Surveillance Ltd. Geoff and Get Stared help me believe in myself and gave me the confidence to make a go of RT Surveillance Ltd. My company at this time was only focusing on surveillance as it main source of income. I then took a look at my company and said to myself how can I get more income into the business.

That’s when I decided I would go on a private investigation course and open my company up for a wider range of work that the company can undertake. Get Started and Geoff pointed out one thing that you need to do when going into business and that is to look ahead in what is coming and what can affect the business in the future. With them words going round in my head, it help me pick the Pearson EDI level 3 course for private investigators which will be needed in April 2015 when the private investigations sector as a whole is going to be regulated by the SIA. So using what I learnt on the course and what Geoff said to me I planned ahead and found out what was going to affect my company in the future.

After I had passed my EDI level 3 course I changed my company name to Accurate Investigations Ltd. I also set up a new website and started to network with other private investigators which is another lesson that Geoff and Get Stared teaches you when starting up. Like in the picture above, instead of window-shopping, I now know what I wanted to buy and know were to get it.

If it were not for Get Started and Geoff I would not have started up my own company and would not be in the position I am in now. I feel that Geoff and Blackpool council takes a personal interest in all the small businesses that start up. That was confirmed when Geoff invited me to the mayors chambers with a number of the other small businesses that was helped, by Geoff and Get Started, to get off the ground. In the speech the mayor gave he said Blackpool council was encouraging people to start up new business and giving them the skills to do this by the Blackpool Start-up course and a number of other course that is run by Blackpool council and Geoff. I have a lot to thank Geoff and the Get Started course for. I feel like Geoff still takes a interest in how I am doing and how my business is getting on. Blackpool Start-up course gave me the focus and confidence along with Geoff’s skills and the one to one meeting as a follow up to the course to guide you in the right direction. I would recommend the Blackpool Start-up course to anyone who was thinking of starting there own business up and would say the support that Geoff gives you is second to none.

Robert Thistleton Company Director Accurate Investigations Ltd

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