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The Truman Show Goes On

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The Truman family have had to get over a few hiccups in their time. But they are not going to let any of that interfere with getting on with life. From fires through to life changing illness they’ve pulled together to open a great new family café in Blackpool town centre.
Justin, Andrea and their family ran the very successful Lunchbox café in Poulton for many years. That was until it suffered a fire that started from an electrical fault. The insurance company added to the disaster by taking over three times longer to restore the café than promised. All of this meant that customers started to assume they had closed for good.

Not to be deterred they hatched a plan to move the whole business to Blackpool town centre. From the start they knew exactly who their guest of honour would be on opening day. Regular customer, 94 year old Phyllis, was asked to open the new café.

Justin said ‘Every time Phyllis visited the café in Poulton her parting words were “I’ll say goodbye now because at my age you never know if I will be here tomorrow” absolutely remarkable, she is like one of the family. Phyllis joins us up to four times a week.

In amongst all of this the family are busy dealing with a hectic life including their daughter Tamzin coping with life threatening illness Cystic Fibrosis. Andrea said ‘Tamzin actually copes very well. Every week she goes singing and dancing to help her with breathing. She has physio twice a day and takes up to 50 tablets as well as nebulizers. We nearly lost her in 2012 when she was taken really poorly but apart from that she has done really well!’

‘Tamzin rarely complains unless her condition stops her from doing something all her friends are doing. One thing that is upsetting is that she has already planned her own funeral‘

Plus their son Ryan has recently found out he has Crohn’s disease. This was a total shock and we couldn’t believe what was being thrown at us but we have always taken things in our stride and coped. Ryan however didn’t take this illness seriously at first and had some hospital stays that made him wake up. He has daily medication and a weekly injection now that seems to keep him well.

Justin & Andrea have fundraised for many years more recently fundraising has been for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust where they are trying to find a cure. Justin & Andrea were invited to attend a lunch with a Royal at St James Palace as a thank you for their fundraising for The CF Trust. Tamzin is now supporting fundraising by singing at events with her fabulous singing and dancing.

Justin said as a family we decided the best way to give us all a fresh focus was to open a new shop! The whole family is involved and it all revolves around Andrea’s cooking ability. As a team we work none stop, offer great customer service and extremely high standards. In the town centre we can offer home cooked, homemade food at a price to suit locals. We make all dishes from scratch. We also have a large following from people that love our sin free specials because we make food that suits their requirements.

We specialise in bespoke sandwiches, salad bar, chicken from our rotisserie which is healthier than oven cooked. Fantastic homemade soups, a selection of pies and in our new shop we will have food to go for the people who have time constraints. Customers that come to our Poulton shop rave about our sausages, chicken, salad bar, and especially our soups and specials. We are also popular for our coleslaw, potato salad, jacket potatoes and chilli’s.