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A day in the life of a mum of 8, zoo keeper and business owner

An account of a normal day as a business owner and a mum. By Jenny Hardman - Business Coach and Business Partner at Hardman Landscapes

Our Day – The Hardman Way

Normal day, what’s one of those?

I am absolutely positive that a normal day for me would not be a normal day for you as we all have different challenges and different lives.

A little about me to build a picture for you, I am Jenny Hardman, multiple business owner, mum, wife and zoo keeper I think?

I am a biological mum to 5 and step mum to 3. Cameron 15, Lilly-Anne 13, Kai 12, William 12, George 10, Ashton 9, Charlie 7 and Harper 3. We also have an American bulldog puppy, an old cat, a rabbit, hamster, fish and a snake (Zoo) and obviously my amazing husband Peter.

Why? Oh if you had asked me 10 years ago I would have been living the dream somewhere warm with my 2 children but life doesn’t happen like that. After numerous redundancies, we set up my husband’s business and then my own.

This week is half term which for any mum is horrendous. I just hide for a full week under my covers, cry and hope it passes quickly. I try and do the amazing mum thing and arrange activities and then half of them just pull a monkey face and don’t want to go so after years of trying I have given up! We wake up when we wake up and we eat when were hungry.

Today we are traveling back to Bolton to go and see gran and grandad if they like it or not. (Tantrums expected from the teenagers) It’s 11am and no one is ready so I am sat in my office writing this.

We actually went for a picnic for my birthday a couple of days ago, we decided to go the Lytham beach and just chill out. Pahahahaha. Hmmmmm said no mum ever!

What actually happened is the dog ate the picnic, the lads were fighting and then they found a mud pit. The residents of Lytham looked at us with great disgust as all 6 children who were with me decided to belly slide down the mud pit. Half-naked, dripping with thick mud and having the time of their lives. I have given up trying to be a perfect mum as it doesn’t exist. A dirty kid is a happy kid. Mummy isn’t happy as her new car is now also dripping with mud ☹

I hear you thinking, when are you working? Work…. When I get 2 seconds to myself at any point in the day I work. On a usual day when I wake up at 7am to run around and usually scream at each individual to get dressed, eat and have a wash until 8.30 when we set off for school. I have 3 school drop offs and then I breathe. Come home, make a coffee and just breathe a little more until I have the energy to wake up and get to work.

I work when the children are at school, I am a business coach with Selling Made Easier in Lancashire and work mainly with small business owners helping them to build their business in effective ways around their families. If I can do it, anyone can do it right?

I work mainly on replying to messages I have received the previous day, arranging our workshops (we run these weekly) for new attendees, look for new networking groups I haven’t already stalked yet and generally catch up with people I have met in networking groups to see how they are doing. Now this doesn’t seem much like work but I can tell you now that the fortune is in the follow up and relationship building will bring you more than any form of advertising you have ever thought of.

I also am a partner in my husband’s landscaping business Hardman Landscapes, so I follow up with existing clients, look for new ones, follow up on quotes and produce new quotes alongside sourcing new suppliers so my job (s) are a combination of research and having coffee meetings

Lots of love

Jenny Hardman