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Top 5 ways to grow your business this spring

Even though we are using the word spring loosely on this grey and drizzly April day, it really is the prime time to inject some new ideas and different approaches and grow your business.

1. Consider diversification

Good old Ansoff’s Matrix highlights diversification as one of the options to expand your business. It really is a great way to think out of the box a little and how you can use your current space and skills/ knowledge/ products to attract a different audience or engage with your current customers even further.

Some examples;

• A service based business could offer a workshop (hairdressers = how to braid, florist = create a spring bouquet, restaurant = make your own bread)

• A product based business could try/expand even more online. You no longer need an e-commerce ready website to sell online. There are the old staples of eBay and Amazon but there are also sites such as Etsy and you can even have an Instagram shop, where you sell the things you post photos of!

2. Networking events

Blackpool is amazing for business networking events and they are great opportunities to meet other business owners, share tips, possibly collaborate, offer support and even just pick up new customers (local loves supporting local!). Take a look at Eventbrite for the best variety. Here at Blackpool Unlimited we hold lots of free training events too, where lifelong business friendships are often made. Here are the next few coming up….

Financial Management Workshop - Get Started Business Support Team »

Peerworking’ Business Support Surgery - Free event delivered by The Business Clinic »

Social Media and Online Presence - Get Started Business Support Team »

And, they are all totally FREE!

3. Collaborations

Sometimes the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways of attracting new customers is by displaying your products in a neighbouring business. Some examples;

• Baker supplying cupcakes in the local cafe

• Florist placing a display of flowers in the estate agents

• A local artist decorating some beauty treatment rooms and entrance

Make sure you always put a well branded sign next to the display that would say something like “Flowers proudly supplied by Cathy’s Florist (just 3 doors down towards the station).”

4. Instagram

If you already have Instagram for your business or are thinking of starting soon, here are some tips to get the best performance and engagement;

• Tag your location (Blackpool, or you may choose the building you are in or street you are on) in every post

• Make sure you put what you do in your title as this is searchable (eg Cathy’s Florist | Blackpool flowers)

• Use for hashtag inspiration related to what you currently use

5. Make things snappable and shareable

Whether it’s a new window display, an amusing A Board, a corner of the shop that is millennial pink/ covered with unicorns, a King’s type chair, even just a great looking dish. Let customers do your marketing for you! Ensure they know you have social media channels by promoting at the till point/ by the snappable area and see the likes and comments flow.