Financial planning and funding – Take the pain out of building a robust plan

The workshop is designed to be a step-by-step guide to building a robust financial plan for a new business. It will also look at potential funding opportunities.

Seminar content

In this 3 hour fun and interactive workshop packed full of hints and tips on how to build a practical financial plan for your new business, as well as possible sources of funding. You will:

Analyse your current personal survival budget and discuss what you can do to minimise your outgoings whilst trading in that challenging first year

Learn how to forecast incomings, outgoings and look at how overheads can affect your business

Discover a simple method to predict break even sales level

Find out how to apply for a “Start-up-loan” and explore other ways to raise capital, or indeed start your business without borrowing money

“You open a small business to make a profit; so let’s plan to make a profit’’

This seminar will be useful for any new or recently started small business.