A flurry of entrepreneurs are looking to start the new year with a new business

And they began with a Road to Enterprise course, held by Blackpool Council’s Get Started team, which is part of the Start Up Lancashire service supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Get Started’s small business advisor Geoff Reeves who led the course said the fact that 20 people were willing to brave the blustery weather of a gloomy January show there was the drive to succeed in Blackpool.

He said: “It is very encouraging really. You look outside at the weather this time of year and sometimes have to drag yourself out of bed.

“But these people have made the effort to come along to this event because they want to start out in business for themselves.

“It shows that despite the well documented employment problems in Blackpool over the past few years and the state of the UK economy, albeit showing signs of recovery, that the entrepreneurial spirit that the resort has always shown is alive and well.”

At the FYCreative Centre, 20 people attended part one of the Enterprise journey by taking part in the Road To Enterprise course.

Building on the 2013 record number of business starts assisted these forward thinking entrepreneurs are exploring the opportunity that exists to start businesses in 2014’s Booming Blackpool.

He said: “Business ideas ranged from painter and decorators to cycling proficiency schemes, accountants to carers, crafts to fitness and sporting coaches showing the diversity of ideas and opportunities being explored.”

The first session, which is free, introduces prospective new business owners to the basics required to open a business, from idea generation to researching the project.

Follow-up session include planning and finance, marketing, book-keeping, social media as well as 121 support.

Coun Fred Jackson, Cabinet Member for Urban Regeneration, said: “We are really eager to help start up new companies to help bolster the local economy.”