Nesta Launches ‘Amplified’ - Funding for Creative Firms Developing Digital Ideas for Social Benefit

A pilot programme supporting arts, creative and cultural and creative businesses seeking to develop digital ideas that generate social impact in the UK.

According to Nesta, creative and artistic endeavours have the power to unite and engage an increasingly atomised society, change behaviour at the individual and collective levels and drive economic growth and national competitive advantage.

Amplified is a new pilot programme designed to encourage the development of creative digital ideas that generate a positive social outcome in the UK. Through the programme, Nesta is offering cultural and creative businesses funding and support to develop initiatives that can improve the lives of others.

Applicants can obtain £10,000 of grant funding to develop their digital ideas. The grant is delivered alongside mentoring from industry leaders and six months’ structured support.

Proposed ideas need to make use of digital technologies and address a social challenge (this can be a local or global challenge). They can be anything from a game to an interactive installation, as long as it seeks to generate a direct social outcome. The social outcomes can be anything from increasing community cohesion to reducing the consumption of single use plastics.

Cultural and creative businesses that have been trading for a minimum of three years in the UK may apply.

Nesta is looking to fund ideas from both arts and cultural organisations, as well as businesses within the wider creative industries, particularly where those businesses feel their ideas can positively impact the lives of others. These could be games companies, design agencies, media agencies or other firms.

The deadline for submitting an application is 14 November 2018 at 5pm.

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