Sand Sea & Spray - The Urban Art Festival

Free event featuring 40 artists from 4 continents, painting 'live' in Blackpool on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June. See the streets of Blackpool transform into works of art...

The event is in its third year and has been embraced by the general public as well as attracting talent recognised worldwide. Our town can expect to see some very big names from the world of urban art. This year we’ll have artists from Spain, Australia, Chile, France and Italy. We’ll be welcoming Sore2, Smug, Osch, Kashink and Zed1 to name but a few. Of course we also have some home-grown talent with 5 Blackpool based artists who are quickly making a name for themselves on the scene.

Sand, Sea & Spray will take place in six different locations all over the town of Blackpool.

1. The Sun Lounge, North Pier – an historical venue, the Sun Lounge is Grade II listed and has been visited by tourists since the Victorian era.

2. Deansgate – the hub of creativity and the home of the developing art scene in Blackpool.

3. Adelaide Street – 100 year old, Grade II listed picture frames are being brought into the 21st Century with the canvases being painted by fantastic urban artists.

4. Car park, Central Drive/Palatine Road – young people from the local area will have the chance to work alongside the established artists as they paint the walls together.

5. Church Street car park – a brilliant focal point for a piece of street art. Hundreds of people pass here every day on their way into the town and it has become well known for the piece by Smug and Dead. A perfect example of how the event has impacted on the town, causing people to sit up and take notice of urban art. Now it’s time to replace the art with something completely different and create a new talking point.

6. Ocean Boulevard – this is home to a vintage, static tram which will be transformed by one of the artists. Like the Sun Lounge and the picture frames on Adelaide Street, the tram is going to be another fantastic representation of the old and the new as contemporary, vibrant art breathes new life into an historic part of Blackpool.

For more information about this festival go to our Events page.

Artwork above by ‘My Dog Sighs’ on the wall at FYCreatives at last years Sand Sea & Spray