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Gymnastic champion teaches her skills to Blackpool children

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As Ukraine weather hits Blackpool, at least one local resident is used to the extreme cold temperature we are currently experiencing.

Iryna Tymchenko a local gymnast grew up in the Ukraine where temperatures can reach minus 10 in winter.

She started gymnastics from the age of 6 years and was trained at the Ukrainian School of Olympic Reserves for children and teenagers at the Palace of Sports. In 1985 -1989 Iryna participated in national rhythmic gymnastics championships and due to her exceptional results became a Master of Sport in rhythmic gymnastics and in 1989 she represented her country in International Competitions in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

With more than 30 years’ experience it was only a matter of time before Iryna started teaching. As well as helping professional gymnasts prepare for competitions she has worked with Trafford Rhythmic Gymnastics professional Club at Manchester and part time as a Gymnastics Coach with Blackpool Council since 2011.

Iryna is proud of her students and has already had success with a number of them including:-

Jessica Murphy who is a national-level gymnast, took part in the Great Britain Championship in the group routines, she was awarded medals in the competitions of the North-West region.

Megan Clarkson - performed successfully in her first North-West regional competitions in November 2017.

Iryna commented “rhythmic gymnastics has been an Olympic sport since the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles as an individual all-around competition and must have many qualities: balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength are some of the most important. My passion is to bring these disciplines to the young people in Blackpool and produce our own champions of the future.

With 30 years’ experience Iryna felt the time was right to open her own academy but was unsure how to turn this in to a reality, so she contacted Get Started who provided her with 121 support and mentoring.

Iryna said “It’s brilliant to know that there is someone that can assist your development with ongoing support as well as just start up advice. I now have my own business; One Step Rhythmic Gymnastics Club which operates from Blackpool Council’s Palatine leisure centre.

Watch this space for information on our future champions!

For more information about how to access these facilities contact Iryna Tymcheko 07719 319931 or email